The Arché – High School Physics Award 2021

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School: Institute Alpha Lumen
Registration Number: Phy-1835
Name of team member: 1. Ana Carolina Theodosio de Carvalho Ayres de Camargo 2. João Felipe Magalhães Diniz 3. Maria Eduarda Couferai Soufia
Name of supervising teacher: 1. Victor Silva Tona de Abranches 2. Maxsuel de Oliveira Ribeiro
Country: São José dos Campos, Brazil

School: Pui Ching Middle School
Registration Number: Phy-933
Name of team member: 1. Zhicheng LI, 2. Yunbo Kang 3. Li Tian
Name of supervising teacher: 1. Qijun Zhang 2. Yang Ding
Country: Hong Kong, China

School: Hwa Chong Institution
Registration Number: Phy-1042
Name of team member: 1. Liu Tianchi, 2. Yu Shuhuai 3. Feng Linxuan
Name of supervising teacher: 1. Dr Erkan Polatdemir
Country: Singapore, Singapore

School: Cranbrook Schools Academy
Registration Number: Phy-1578
Name of team member: 1. Linda Elen Fenska, 2. Julie Kang, 3. Coleen Stretten
Name of supervising teacher: 1. Michael Zieve, 2. Lara Lescht Schwartzberg
Country: Michigan, USA

Physics is the basis of the development of modern science and technology, it has great impact on modern life sciences, material science, mechanical engineering, communication, aeronautics and astronautics. Physics also provides the methodology and world view for comprehension of the natural world.

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