Press Law and Ethics: Aspiring Young Journalist Awards 2021

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Press Law and Ethics – Contestants should write headlines and use fill text for captions. Only the placement, size and font selection for those elements will be judged. Students are encouraged to include design special effects. There are no font specifications; use what you have available.

Clean layout; evidence of ability to distinguish importance of stories and photos and to position them accordingly; a focal point; effective display of nameplate with full information; copy blocks, headlines, caption blocks and photos placed effectively; proper selection, cropping and scaling of photos; usage of appropriate headline sizes; consistent use of styles throughout; creative graphics


Matheus Justino, Maria Fernanda, Manuela Nardi, Teo Mennocchi and Mariana Pires

SILVER – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – School: Atlanta International School – USA

Rodrigo Villagomez and George Song

BRONZE – PANDEMIC – School: Baldwin High School – USA

HONORABLE MENTION – Atheneum – School: Koninklijk Atheneum Vilvoorde -BELGIUM

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