UNICEF’s women Goodwill Ambassadors, give voice to the voiceless

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One of the bestselling music artists of all time, UN Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry has put into action her commitment to improving the lives of children since she assumed her role in 2013.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry gives her scarf to Ka Da Khang while visiting the Phuoc Thanh Commune Health Centre in Ninh Thuan Province where many children show signs of nutrient deficiencies.

The United States-born artist has traveled extensively to highlight the needs of some of the world’s most vulnerable, raise awareness of UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts and use her voice to advocate for children across the globe.

“UNICEF works to ensure that every child, urban or rural, rich or poor, has a chance to thrive, to grow and to contribute to their families and communities – as well as to have the opportunity to shape the world that we live in”, according to the superstar.

Also a social media luminary, who was the first to surpass 100 million followers on Twitter, last year she announced the birth of her child with UNICEF Ambassador Orlando Bloom via UNICEF’s Instagram account, encouraging donations to the agency to ensure every mother and newborn get the care they need.

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